The European Class concept is hot!

During the last months we, the EUCVET lead partner and coordinator, have received a lot of interest in the European Class concept from vocational providers in Europe. There have been invitations to be partners in new projects, to be receiving partner for staff mobility, and from others using the European Class ‘products’ for setting up their own mobility. During spring, representatives from Kungsbacka municipality and Elof Lindälvs gymnasium will attend a preparatory meeting in Köln discussing a transfer of the European Class experiences.

Down below is another example of the interest we receive in the European Class concept:

Dear colleagues,
I’m Matteo Paradisi and I’m writing on behalf of VET school Da Vinci-De Giorgio (website: from Lanciano, Italy (around 200 km from Rome). We are planning to apply for an Erasmus+ project – KA2 VET – exchanges of practices focused on Work Based Learning in the next deadline of March 31. Work Based Learning in Italy is not so effective and we would like to take best practices from other Countries whit high-developed WBL models. We studied the project Euriac in which you were involved and we found it really interesting. Could you be interested in being our partner responsible for the transfer of your WBL model?
If you are potentially interested, we will send you more information about our project idea.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
Best regards
Matteo Paradisi

The other day, we found the Simple project website ( by chance searching for the ECVET logotype on the internet. The Simple project aim is to gather and share the best international mobility practices learned. The template the project offers as best practice for identifying competent bodies and building mutual trust is the EURIAC template. EURIAC is the previous European Class project!