Testing Unit of Learning Outcomes in Trucks Maintenance


The first test of one of the new units of learning outcomes created in the EUCVET project is now carried out with vocational students and teachers in trucks maintenance at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium in Kungsbacka, Sweden.


– The students start off doing team building exercises and playing floor ball to get to know each other and build some common ground. It is really important to do that so the students relax. Speaking English all day and being an ambassador for one’s vocational program, school and country are challenges that everybody faces and may be quite tough for some, Stefan Elisasson, head teacher for the European Class in Kungsbacka, says.


The students work in transnational project teams for two weeks. They do work tasks and work placement in line with the unit of learning outcomes that the involved vocational schools have mutually created and agreed upon in the EUCVET project. The focus for this specific unit and European class in Kungsbacka is fault tracing methodology in heavy vehicles. The unit may also be used for training in any vehicle mechanics.