Testing the EUCVET Game at a regional conference about European mobility

eucvet_gameOne of the objectives and part of the aim of the EUCVET project have been to introduce new people to the European framework ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) and to continue the elaboration of ECVET in practice in European vocational programs. So one of the intellectual outputs was to create an ECVET introduction for beginners. After having scanned available ECVET guides, toolboxes, brochures and webpages on the internet, the project team decided to develop a game based introduction instead. That way, getting to know ECVET could be both fun, exciting and a great way to start discussing vocational training and exchanging good practices.

The EUCVET Game was tested by vocational teachers at a regional Conference about European mobility in Gothenburg. The response was great and the team from Kungsbacka will be invited to a partner meeting to coach the partnership on how to play the EUCVET Game as a way to introduce ECVET later on this year.

You can download the EUCVET Game from the EUCVET webpage in the section Products!