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Stichting ROC West-Brabant and Radius College, the Netherlands

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ROC West-Brabant (ROCWB) is a regional centre of 8 colleges of vocational education and training and 10 Schools of pre-vocational education in the South of the Netherlands. ROCWB aims to be a VET centre for high quality education for all people irrespective of their age, background or social position. The education and training we offer, aims to qualify people for the demands of the national and international labour market, thus enhancing their opportunities for a better position in society; to contribute to people’s personal development; to prepare people to function better in a multicultural, diverse and complex society. ROC WB has about 26 000 students and 2500 staff members.

In the past 7 years ROC WB has focussed for these reasons on Internationalization of the curricula, encouraging students, teachers and trainers with new approaches to teaching and learning. ROC WB has built up a sustainable network of international partners which offers options for both work placements and further study. In this process of internationalisation ROCWB implements the European instruments for lifelong learning. ROC WB makes use of the transparency instruments EQF, ECVET and Europass in order to improve the quality of (international) mobility and stimulate and facilitate lifelong learning of individuals.

Radius College is the technical college that is involved in the EUCVET project. It has several technical departments, over 3500 students and 230 professionals and teachers. Courses includes e.g. subjects: Mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, mechatronica, electrical installation, information and communication technology. In its mission statement Radius College says that society is so rapidly changing that they train young people to be independent to amaze our society with innovative solutions. Mobility offers Radius new opportunities on the European labour market, learning anywhere, anytime and anyhow offering blended learning modules. Their vision is not to train to be an inventor but to teach to use other methods to become a decisive, skillful European professional.