Optima, Finland

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As a vocational upper secondary education and training school, Optima provides 3-year study programs which lead to vocational qualifications. Vocational study programs consist of 120 credits. Optima has about 1200 students that participate in the 3-year study programs. Optima also provide vocational education and training for adults and have about 350 students that participate in these programs.

In Optima we have 18 different programs from many different fields of education. One of these fields is technology, communications and transport. In this field we have training programs in electrical engineering and we provide training in automation technology. The subjects in this training program are pneumatics and electro pneumatics, hydraulics and electro hydraulics, proportional hydraulics, mechanic, pneumatic and electric assembling, programming systems, industrial networks, safety systems, motor drives and robotics.

Optima has successfully participated in Finnish Skills competition (Taitaja-Mästare) and since 2009 we have had 3 silver medals. Optima was also observer in Word Skills Competition in Helsinki 2005 and Calgary 2009. We had a training team for World Skills competition in London 2011. In our training program in automation technology, we have strong links and collaboration with working life. For example, the following partners are involved in the implementation and development of our education; Festo Didactic, P&L Learnware, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Omron.

Optima has been ranked as the best vocational school in Finland several times according to the annual ranking arranged by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Some of the criterias to this ranking are high employment for our students after school , low amount of drop-outs among students and teachers’ competence level.

Optima is at the moment in the end of a quality assurance process (ISO9001) which is supposed to be accredited in May 2014. The main goal for this quality system is to create good conditions to serve our students, companies and authorities as good as possible. We want the quality system to internally improve the knowledge about our functions, responsibility levels, ensure continuing progress work and to create working routines between our functions. With a working system this will not generate more work, but rather help and clarify our daily work.

Optima has also initiated an internal development project encompassing ECVET. Due to the positive effects and results gained by participating in the EURIAC project, Optima has decided that all VET programs should be introduced to ECVET and the idea is to provide a European class in many more VET programs.

Optima welding center and education
During the first year you will learn the basics of the industry, such as welding, machining and assembly, and you learn the craft, to process manually. Second year the student’s select graduate specialization: Machinists or welding. After that you can choose to specialize in CNC machining, IW-welding, automatic welding or metal processing.
Your job opportunities are wide. It can range from small workshops to large industries. Your degree also gives you great opportunities to study further for examples of polytechnic.
In Optima welding center we have 18 welding study places (MIG, MAG, MMA and gas welding).

IW Certificates
With us you can take international welding certificate, IW, which entitles you to work with qualified welding jobs in a large number of countries.