Kick-off for the first European Class in Turkey and exciting project meeting

Beginning of April, 2016, the EUCVET project team gathered at Eskisehir Atatürk Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi in Turkey for the fourth project meeting. At the same time, the first European Class in Turkey was kicked off. The European Class was carried out to verify on of the new units of learning outcomes in industrial automation toghether with students and teachers from Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, and Spain.eucvet_team_turkey


The project team and the European Class arrived safe and sound and received a very warm welcome by the management and highly dedicated teacher teams at Eskisehir Atatürk Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi.

Days were spent study visiting the different departments at school encompassing vocational training automotive, automation, mechanics, and electricity. There was also an interesting study visit to high tech local Ford industrial plant.

During the project meeting, the different vocational teams carried on the discussions and work on the units of learning outcomes and assessment schemes, which are the fundaments of the European Class concept. Plans were also made for the final conference in May.

A big surprise for everybody, was the visit from Turkish national TV – TRT 1 – that came to make a news cover about the European Class with students and participating teachers. The interview was broadcasted both locally and nationally later that night and next day.students


After two great days, we had to say good bye and return home. The European Class students and the Turkish colleagues continued working for Three more weeks. The final week, the vocational teachers in industrial automation returned to Turkey to join the assessment of the students. That way, all teachers were able to learn and evaluate the newly developed assessment scheme in industrial automation. The team has managed to develop the assessment scheme from the previous EURIAC project one step further to make it possible to assess skills and competences as well, not just knowledge.

Thank you so much, dear colleagues and management at Eskisehir Atatürk Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi for organising such a splendid meeting and European Class!