Final conference for the EUCVET project

dsc_9430In mid May, 2016, the EUCVET team invited local, regional, national and European target groups and final_conf_2stakeholders in vocational education and training to take part of the European class experience and the EUCVET project results at a final conference in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

There were a number of invited speakers in the first part of the conference speaking about the European Education and Training agenda 2020 (ET 2020), EU initiatives such as ECVET and the Europass portfolio, the need for increased European mobility and skilled workers, and improved quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training in Europe. The conference was moderated by Dr Christiane Eberhardt from the German vocational institut Bundesinsitut für Berufsbildung.

final_conf_1Swedish students having participated in the European Classes carried out in the EUCVET project were interviewed on stage about their learning experience and European school based mobility.dsc_9437

In the second part of the conference there were three different workshop providing an opportunity for the participants at the conference to take part of the European Class experience and the share the project teams’ knowledge, results, and advice on:


– How to create units of learning outcomes,
– How to assess Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences),
– How to set up and organize a European Class.

final_conf_4The conference was planned, organized, and carried out as a real assignment for the vocational students at the Restaurant, Tourism, and Administration programs at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium. The students were really professional and enjoyed this international assignment immensely.

You can find all presentations and documentation from the conference at the EUCVET webpage in the section Products!