EUCVET at the Annual European ECVET Forum

EUCVET French partner, Jean-Luc Rigaud, from Centre des Formations Industrielles, attended the annual European ECVET Forum in Barcelona last week.

Here comes some hot news from the conference:
– If you didn’t know about it before, the ECVET recommendation is now under the authority of DG Employment and no longer that one of Education.
– Few political discourse, we are waiting for the selection of the new consortium that will drive ECVET.
– The priorities of ECVET remain the same with an emphasis on mobility, the definition of skills and funding.
– ECVET may be renamed and redefined in order to make it more accessible and usable.
The concern is that we always hear about the same thing: to agree on the concept ECVET …!

Besides talking to as many conference delegates as possible about the European Class and our experimentation on ECVET in the EUCVET project, Jean-Luc also brought some 60 copies of the newly produced EUCVET brochure. Just a few minutes after being put at the desk, Jean-Luc happily reports that they were all gone, selected by ECVET delegates!

We are eagerly now waiting for the report from the conference which will of course be posted and shared on the EUCVET website! In the meantime, follow this link to the conference website: ECVET Annual Forum 2015