Eskisehir Atatürk…

Eskisehir Atatürk Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi, Turkey

Website: Ataturk Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Ataturk Technical and Industrial Vocational High School – ESATA – is a quite big size vocational high school which has over 3000 students and about 300 teachers. It provides 4 years formal vocational education to young people between 15-18 ages under the Ministry of National Education.

It raises qualified employees to their sectors with 4 years of vocational basis education. ESATA is focused on vocational education related with industrial automation technologies, electric-electronic technologies , automotive , machinery technologies, metal and welding, printing, carpentry decoration and  Information  and Communication Technologies.

ESATA has more than 5 years’ experience in submitting and monitoring projects in the framework of  LLP and has a wide contacts network collaborating with regional administration, universities, enterprises’ consortia, institutions- active in the field of  formal and informal education (schools, VET, adult learning.), local bodies, associations, trade unions, chambers, SMEs and NGOs. It has a full day –full year vocational education curriculum and prepares the students not only for sector also for the university which related to their fields.

The department of Industrial Automation Technologies is established at the year of 2005 as an output of the project which was coopertion between Turkish and Japanese governments. Our department has two sub branches which are mechatronics and industrial control systems. Capacity of this department is about 350 students.  In this department , there are 10 mechatronics teachers. All staff has great experiences on their subjects.

The mechatronics department has strong collaborations with small , medium and big size industrial companies located in Eskisehir. Last grade students of this department work  as intern in these companies 3 days per week.

There are following facilities in this department for giving best vocational trainings.
-Microcontrollers Lab.
-Sequential control Lab.
-Machinery Lab.
-Computer Lab.
-Electric-electronics Lab.
-Hydrolic-Pneumatic Lab.
-CNC lab.
-Factory Automation Lab (Festo-CIM lab).

Department has also fruitful cooperations with some automation companies such as Festo.