Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium

Elof Lindälvs gymnasium, Sweden

Website: Elof Lindälvs gymnasium

Elof Lindälvs gymnasium – ELG – is one of three secondary educational schools run by the municipality in Kungsbacka. There are some 1400 students, 205 employees, and 15 national programs, both VET and study preparatory programs at ELG.

The school is strongly committed to pedagogical and organisational development and cooperation with external partners such as local and regional businesses and industries as well as other schools in Sweden and abroad. ELG is well-known for its long experience and engagement in pedagogical development issues such as entrepreneurial learning and formative assessment, internationalisation (utilizing ECVET), sustainable development, and junior achievement (JA-YE). The VET programs in welding and automation involved in the EUCVET project have both achieved certification as Teknikcollege (for more information see www.teknikcollege.se).

ELG has extensive experience of international cooperation and EU funded projects. Together with the municipality and partners in Europe, it created the European class concept using ECVET in the ECT project in 2007 and then implemented the concept in a new sector in 2011 within the EURIAC project. Today, ELG provides European classes both as sending and hosting partner in trucks maintenance and industrial automation for students from Sweden, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Due to the very positive results and effects of the ECT and EURIAC projects, the municipality and ELG now want to continue the experimentation on ECVET and transfer the European class concept to other VET sectors at school.

ELG has been and is also involved in other EU funded international cooperational projects within the Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Atlas, and the Nordplus programs.

ELG and the municipality of Kungsbacka are nowadays regarded as ECVET expert practioneers in Sweden and the European class concept as best practice. As such, they have been and still are invited as speakers on international cooperation, ECVET, and VET quality assurance on regional, national, and European level. One of the members of the Swedish ECVET expert team is employed at ELG and will be involved in the EUCVET Project.