EUCVET continues the elaboration on ECVET to provide new vocational education opportunities abroad

In the EUCVET project, new units of learning outcomes are developed in trucks maintenance and industrial automation. There will also be a unit in welding. All units of Learning outcomes will be used to open up for education and training opportunities abroad for students in intitial vocational education and training programmes, i.e European classes.

The EUCVET project is a follow-up on two previous projects – EURIAC and ECT – during which the European Class concept was created. The European Class concept provides vocational education and training at a partner school in Europe. The concept utilises the ECVET tools such as units of learning outcomes, memorandum of understanding and mutual trust, learning agreement, and the Europass Mobility. Doing so, it is possible for the involved partner schools to transfer, recognise, and accumulate a student’s learning experience gained abroad in his/her transcript of record without any additional education or assessment at home.

The education and training is carried out as a two-three week mobility period at one of the partner schools involved in the European Class partnership. Students work together in transnational teams on vocational project assignments and cultural  and social activities. There are also lectures, study visits and/or work placement at local and regional companies and industries.



The EUCVET – European Class in Vocational Education and training – project is a two year Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project encompassing vocational education in welding, industrial automation, and trucks maintenance. It was kicked off in 2014 and will be ended in August 2016. The project transfers and continues the development of the European Class concept and the ECVET products and experiences created in the previous ECT and E...


eucvet_gameOne of the objectives and part of the aim of the EUCVET project have been to introduce new people ...